Ambrosia – 12


Ancient Greek myths refer to ambrosia as the food or drink of the Greek gods. If consumed, people would receive the gift of immortality. Even though we cannot promise you immortality with our ambrosia cheesecake cupcake, we can promise you that you will become highly addicted to our goodies. This cheesecake was the unofficial People’s Choice at one of the biggest cupcake competitions of 2015.

To create our cheesecake cupcakes, we used shredded toasted coconut and a sliced almond graham cracker base. Apricot nectar and crushed pineapple is blended into the cheesecake filling, topped with cherry whipped cream, which we garnished with chopped pecans, more toasted shredded coconut and a slice of sweet mandarin orange. Our cheesecake cupcakes may not be a nectar of the Greek gods, but it sure tastes like one!

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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