Blackberry – 12


Growing up down south, we would eat fresh blackberries from the vines. This was the inspiration in creating our next cheesecake cupcake sensation. Your guests will adore theses treats at your next function because we have prepared our blackberry cheesecake cupcakes using several of your favored ingredients. For the filling, we used seedless freshly pressed blackberry juice, highlighted with premium blackberry liqueur. Next, we piped our cream cheese concoction into our chopped almonds and sweet vanilla wafer bottom.

We adorned our blackberry cheesecake cupcake with fresh vanilla bean whipped cream, blackberries and seedless homemade blackberry glaze. If all the taste buds in your mouth are tingling, you know what to do. Order our blackberry cheesecake cupcakes right away!

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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