Chocolate Fantasy – 12


Our mission is to ensure your chocolate fantasy sees the light of the day. With our chocolate fantasy cheesecake cupcakes, we have made your fantasy a reality. Our chocolate fantasy cheesecake cupcake has a crunchy chocolaty cookie crust filled with a double douse of delectable German chocolate and Belgium dark chocolate amalgamated into our cream cheese.

Adorning your chocolate fantasy treat is our signature chocolate whipped cream, milk chocolate drizzle, dark chocolate syrup and a pinch of 24-carat gold. Every single bite contains chocolate ecstasy! The boldly decadent chocolate fantasy cheesecake cupcake will transport you into the land of exquisite chocolates. If you want to make your chocolate fantasy true, order our chocolate fantasy cheesecake cupcakes immediately!

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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