Pineapple – 12


Pineapple, an already tasty fruit, has just become tastier. We have perfected the art of baking the perfect pineapple cheesecake cupcake. Can you imagine that? We have blended fresh crushed pineapple into our cheesecake filling, which we placed onto our graham cracker crust. The cupcake cheesecake is decorated with our famous vanilla whipped cream.

A pineapple cheesecake cupcake would not be finalized without a sun dried pineapple slice. Our pineapple cheesecake cupcake is a treat that you will be compelled to keep all to yourself. Remember, sharing is caring! However, if you want to order a batch of our pineapple cheesecake cupcakes to indulge all by yourself, we promise not to tell.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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