About Company

Since 2012, Sacha Granger always waits until she receives a request to begin prepping her miniature cheesecakes, eschewing quantity in favor of exacting quality. Born in Southern Louisiana and raised closely with her grandparents gives her unique access to traditional Creole decadence with a twist. Once she prepares the order, the company then delivers the delicate chilled confections—made with 100% cheesecake and premium liqueurs—directly to its customers in Los Angeles, California, but overnight shipping throughout the United States is now an option.

Our Story

Instead of the ubiquitous slice, Cheesecake de Granger offers cheesecake cupcakes, cheesecake pops and cheesecake parfaits that make an appealing party dessert or gift. The menu is up to more than 65 flavors, but Sacha is constantly experimenting and expanding their menu. More than just a rich, luscious dessert, Cheesecake de Granger has revolutionized a perfectly portioned cupcake sized delight that is truly unlike any you’ve ever tasted! Your taste buds are not likely to forget this explosive delicacy.