Cherry – 12


The sweet and sour taste of cherries has given birth to several confections. One of those confections is the famous cherry cheesecake; however, our cherry cheesecake is in the form of a cupcake. The shape of the dessert is not of relevance, but the surprise inside is.

When you satiate in our cupcake cheesecake, you will receive a mouthful of luxurious and velvety cheesecake combined with chopped fresh cherries and a hint of cherry liqueur. This divine cheesecake is placed onto our graham cracker crust. To make the taste of our cherry cheesecake cupcake more extraordinary, we squeezed a liberal amount of vanilla whipped cream and embellished it with a bright red Maraschino cherry. Cherry cheesecake anyone?

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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