Watermelon – 12


As delicately sweet and refreshing as its namesake, we created the watermelon cheesecake by capturing the essence of watermelon juices. We have piped our watermelon infused cheesecake into a sweet graham cracker base and topped it with our unmistakable vanilla whipped cream. Wait for it – we have decorated the whipped cream with watermelon glaze.

Our watermelon cheesecake cupcakes taste exquisite! You do not need a hot summer day to relish in this treat. It would be a crime not to try our watermelon cheesecake cupcakes, and we know you are absolutely curious. If you love sweet and juicy watermelon, order our cheesecake cupcakes today, and we will prepare a fresh batch for you!

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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