Dark Chocolate and Hennessey® – 12


Dark chocolate and Hennessey® cheesecake cupcakes will absolutely satisfy your dark chocolate cravings. If you desire a hint of Hennessey® in your confection, look no further! Yes, we conceptualize everything here at Cheesecake de Granger. Our dark chocolate and Hennessey® cheesecake cupcakes are a rich concoction of melted Belgium dark chocolate infused with Hennessey®, atop our chocolaty cookie and chopped pecan crust.

Polishing the look of our dessert is our signature chocolate whipped cream and milk chocolate crispy pearls. If you are looking for a union between dark chocolate and Hennessey®, you have discovered it in our cupcake cheesecake.

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Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 in


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