Maple Syrup and Bacon – 12


Breakfast has just intensified tenfold! Our maple syrup and bacon cheesecake cupcake is a marriage between breakfast and dessert. Although bacon drizzled in maple syrup is not a new concept, maple syrup infused cheesecake is! In fact, there are not a bevy of individuals who can proclaim that they have indulged in a maple syrup and bacon cheesecake cupcake, but you absolutely can!

We have constructed our unique dessert by compounding gooey maple syrup and brown sugar with cream cheese. Next, we pour our maple syrup cheesecake on top of our crispy bacon and sweet vanilla wafer crust. For the crowning glory, we swirled fluffy vanilla whipped cream, added succulent bacon on top of the cheesecake cupcake and drenched it in maple syrup. You will never know how outstanding this tastes until you indulge!

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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